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This year gift guide for kids is thinking out of the box. Things have been weird this year with being stuck home so these gifts keep your little ones busy and not in front of the TV.

Bedtime is about to get exciting with these color your own pjs! Your little ones now may have a reason to want to go to bed! (maybe).

This karaoke microphone is so fun you may play with it more than the kids.

Another reason for your little ones to get excited for bed. Finally a fun way to draw in their own bed. It is also great to bring while traveling or camping.

My little one always wants to color the tattoos on my arm so this toy is perfect to put markers in! If your little one loves tattoos this is a fun way to get creative while drawing and coloring.

Make breakfast fun with this awesome interactive mug which is also used as a bowl. Cereal just got more exciting.

I am a huge fan of Ryan’s World Toys (not the show, don’t get it twisted) I love that there are so many surprises so my little on won’t forget about it so easily and never play with it again.

Just to add a little technology to the mix of gifts, this kids smartwatch is perfect. It has games, camera and customization of wallpaper. Kids can also listen to music and watch videos.

A giant comfy pillow to put your little ones right to sleep. This body pillow lets your little one snuggle up and calm day from the busy day they’ve had.

Want to make a little true crime addict in the making? JK, but this puzzle book will get your little ones thinking. It also has great illustrations and it is educational!

Busy kits are my new favorite toys for my little one. The possibilities are endless and so much sensory fun.

Christmas morning is going to be so fun with this mini claw machine- for the whole family!

How could I not add this to the list? If you are going to be teaching your little ones from home this year, you might as well make it fun!

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