Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Holiday Gift Guide For Him

This post contains affiliate links.

This years gift guide for him is for dudes of all kind. These gifts are great for all the men in your life including significant others, dads and brothers.

This stress ball is taking it to the next level. This modern take on the classic stress ball not only helps you get through anxious moments in your day-to-day, it also builds your grip strength and tracks your progress along the way. A related app takes the data from the smart sensor inside and shows you how your strength improves, offers exercises to try, and even allows you to play games

This mug is intended to keep your beverage warm at your desired temperature and to heat up lukewarm drinks. The temperature control heats liquids to selected temperatures from 85 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Find keys, bags and more with this little tag. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing you can open the house free Tile app and tap find to locate your stuff.

Decorate your man cave with this flags and pennants. Represent your favorite town, sports team or affirmation.

This Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Mask keeps you from being exposed to outside light, ballowing you to listen to music without wearing extra headphones/earbuds which makes you fall asleep faster.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

This handwarmer can be used for warming hands, feet, waist, belly and knees. Helps sooth the pain of stomach cramps, fatigue, raynauds disease, syndrome, arthritis. It has a built-in 5200mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery. It also doubles as a power bank when needed.

The Rocketbook Wave provides the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook, while instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. When you use Pilot FriXion pens with the Wave notebook, you can erase your notes using your microwave oven and reuse your notebook. It is designed with real paper to give you a natural writing experience and a quick way to erase all your pages at once. It’s also kind of fun to tell people that you microwave your notebooks.

Step up your at-home mixology game with this infused alcohol kit. This kit will have you savoring flavors you never expected. Simply pick your mix of straight-from-the-farm dehydrated fruits and spices, add your favorite spirit, and let the fun begin.

This solar power bank Is equipped with dual flashlights and a handy and convenient camping and emergency light.

Taste Cassis Berry Shrub by adding local, organic CBD and hemp terpenes. This gorgeous purple shrub combines black currants, black raspberries, vinegar, organic sugar, and broad spectrum CBD, resulting in a sweetly layered tart syrup with hints of cannabis, chocolate and jam. Drink on its own with water or seltzer for a relaxing alternative to booze, or mix with prosecco, vodka, gin, tequila, or ale.

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How I Find The Perfect Second Hand Gifts For My Kid During The Holidays

How I Find The Perfect Second Hand Gifts For My Kid During The Holidays

My son Franco is four years old and does know the value of toys. If you hand him a brand new race car or the box that it came in he will most likely go for the box.

So far every holiday about 90% of Franco’s gifts are secondhand and because of that he has gotten some amazing toys! One year a friend gave us a Power Wheels because their kids didn’t play with anymore and another year I found an entire kitchen set with food galore for only $20.

I search all year around for toys I know he will love and as it gets closer to the holidays, he will pick 1 or 2 new toys that he really wants.

A few reasons I do is because like I stated before he has no clue, I love hunting for a good deal and dumpster diving is a hobby of mine. Yes, it is also environmentally friendly, but let’s face it- this year is hard for all families and this way of shopping can help relieve some financial stress.

Here are 10 ways you can shop for the perfect second hand gifts for your kids this holiday season.

1. Facebook Marketplace & Garage Sale Groups

First things first always check your local marketplace and garage sale groups. I have found a ton of great toys for Franco and mostly get his wardrobe from here also. You can haggle prices and do porch pickup which is my favorite. If you haven’t tried this yet give it a shot here.

2. Toycycle

This online shop has a wide variety of items, from baby to school-aged sized clothes and books and DIY kits! Use code ref9059438 for $5 off your first purchase.

3. OfferUp

This is your one stop family consignment shop. There are local deals and delivery options as well. You can narrow searches to find exactly what you are looking for.

4. Swoondle Society

Looking for some new threads for your little one? This great because you can to clean out old clothes and I return you get Trading Credits that can be applied to clothing and accessories on their website. Your first five items traded are free and that’s when you can decide which membership you want. The rate depends on how many trades you want to do. Check them out here and use code N84G6A to receive $10.

5. Poshmark

I joined Poshmark when they first started and they only sold women’s clothes. They now have expanded to and kids clothes and accessories and I am here for it! Use code NIDE28 and get $10 off your first order.

6. reCrib

This site is great if you are looking for larger items like a crib or toddler bed. You can search infant and toddler items in your area and check them out before buying. If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, return the item for a full refund.

7. Once Upon a Child

This store is one of my favorite consignment shops. When you go there, be sure to have some clothes, toys and gear ready to sell as well. While they go through your things and choose which items they are going to buy, you can shop for ‘new’ items and use your credit tax free. Find a location near you here!

8. Mercari

This marketplace is for old or used stuff that the seller doesn’t need anymore which means you’ll get the items at a fairly cheap price and save money. You can also make offers which is easy to do. Check them out here.

9. Toy Around

This app takes the guess-work out of toy buying. Their toys are sourced with the help of psychologists, discerning parents and kids themselves, helping your kids stay in ‘the zone’ where they can experience joy and contentment, so they can grow into their best selves. They believe too many toys at home can create domestic disorder and even confuse and adversely affect the developing psyche of children. In the long run, all those cluttersome toys end up in the trash. They encourage to swap, sell, or buy of preloved toys so we can be one step closer to a better cleaner environment for generations of children to come.

Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

This post contains affiliate links.

This year gift guide for kids is thinking out of the box. Things have been weird this year with being stuck home so these gifts keep your little ones busy and not in front of the TV.

Bedtime is about to get exciting with these color your own pjs! Your little ones now may have a reason to want to go to bed! (maybe).

This karaoke microphone is so fun you may play with it more than the kids.

Another reason for your little ones to get excited for bed. Finally a fun way to draw in their own bed. It is also great to bring while traveling or camping.

My little one always wants to color the tattoos on my arm so this toy is perfect to put markers in! If your little one loves tattoos this is a fun way to get creative while drawing and coloring.

Make breakfast fun with this awesome interactive mug which is also used as a bowl. Cereal just got more exciting.

I am a huge fan of Ryan’s World Toys (not the show, don’t get it twisted) I love that there are so many surprises so my little on won’t forget about it so easily and never play with it again.

Just to add a little technology to the mix of gifts, this kids smartwatch is perfect. It has games, camera and customization of wallpaper. Kids can also listen to music and watch videos.

A giant comfy pillow to put your little ones right to sleep. This body pillow lets your little one snuggle up and calm day from the busy day they’ve had.

Want to make a little true crime addict in the making? JK, but this puzzle book will get your little ones thinking. It also has great illustrations and it is educational!

Busy kits are my new favorite toys for my little one. The possibilities are endless and so much sensory fun.

Christmas morning is going to be so fun with this mini claw machine- for the whole family!

How could I not add this to the list? If you are going to be teaching your little ones from home this year, you might as well make it fun!

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Gift Guide for her

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

This years gift guide for her is all about self care. These gifts are great for your friends, sisters, moms and other ladies in your life- including yourself!

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links.

I saw a meme that said something along the lines of how ironic that everything is going to be open by the time Father’s Day comes.

I mean, it’s true.

Parks and beaches are open here in NY as well as outdoor seating at restaurants. By the next week or so almost all stores will be open and we are one step closer to ‘normalcy’.

I got you covered though if stores still aren’t open by you. I did a round up of Father’s Day gifts that are sure to be appreciated!

1. The Bee and The Fox Tees

This shirt is perfect for any family man in your life!

2. Bespoke Post Subscription Box

This subscription box is my husband’s favorite! It has curated boxes for lovers of cooking, drinking, electronics, hunting and so much more!

3. BeardBrand Styling Balm

This line of products are your go to for beard and hair styling. Best part is now you can purchase them at Target!

4. Vintage Style Bluetooth Record Player

Favorite tunes can now be listened to on this portable Bluetooth record player.

5. Kangaroo Security Doorbell

This is the first security camera doorbell for $20 bucks! It’s motion detection, HQ Image Capture, and ring alert have benefits that go beyond the front door. Use on a gate entrance, in the garage, or inside the house. At $19.99, the possibilities are endless. This product is on presale and will ship in July.

6. Covid Claw

Stay safe and healthy with this multi use tool!

7. Beer Glass Succulent Planter

Choose your loved ones favorite beer and keep it around all year long!

8. Loopy Case

This is the best phone case! Never drop your phone again. Made for Androids and iPhones.

9. Mercato Cheese & Charcuterie Lovers Plate

This delivery service is perfect for the cheese monger and meat lover.

10. Goldbelly Meal Kits

This is the coolest meal kit ever! Choose your favorite restaurant from around the country and cook their recipes! This meal kit empowers small shops and restaurants.
Mother’s Day Gifts That You Really Want

Mother’s Day Gifts That You Really Want

This year Mother’s Day May be a little different. You have probably felt more like a failure of a mom more than ever before.

Every year I say this, but this year I really mean it- we should be celebrating moms every day, not just one.

Gifts won’t make up for what is going on in the world right now, but it can’t make it worse so why not get what you want this year. Treat yourself too while your at it because I am sharing affordable gifts you can just pick one!

Call yourself Mama Bird or Mama Bear? If so these necklaces from Made By Mary are perfect!
We need little reminders everywhere that we are worthy. These bracelets from Worthy Wands provide just what you need to feel safe right now.
Need some happy mail? Splash Wines will deliver you a variety of delicious wine right at your doorstep!
Miss the gym? LIT Method lets you customize your own video playlist from the library of Low Impact Training workouts and burn calories at home.
Whether you are an essential worker, working from home or teaching your kids, you need energy! This high buzzed coffe from Coffee Cardio will do the trick and keep you at your best performance.
Spending so much time inside do yo have the itch to redecorate? Learn tips and tricks on decorating basics with a Home Makeover Class from International Open Academy.
Have the itch do a simple DIY? Grab a tie dye kit from House Sparrow Nesting and create beautiful indigo colored fabrics.
Self care is crucial during these times of uncertainty. Guided journaling will not only help with self care, but also shift your mindset into positive thinking.
Stay comfy around the house with these fuzzy slipper from LC Lauren Conrad.
Tired of cooking the same thing? Switch things up a bit and show your creative side with this inspirational cookbook.
On your feet all day? Get the perfect pick me up with the best socks from Printsfield! A photo of your fur baby or your little ones are the perfect reminder why you get up every morning and slay the day. Not to mention these socks are so soft and the images are very clear. Use code ourrobinsnest20 for 20% off your order!

No matter what your Mother’s Day is like, I hope you enjoy it to the best of your ability and know that you are doing an amazing job, mama!

I may earn a small commission from this post due to affiliate links.