5 Ways To Decorate For Halloween While on a Budget

5 Ways To Decorate For Halloween While on a Budget

1. Free Printables

There are so many free printable’s floating around that you can print on your own and frame. Check out this adorable one and more from Sprinkle Of Whimsy

2. Decorate Dollar Store Pumpkins

Dollar stores have the cutest little pumpkins. Spook them up with decals. If you have a vinyl cutting machine, this will work great!

3. Creepy Cloth

Creepy cloths are great to decorate larger spaces. They are cheap and easy to manage.

4. Real Pumpkins

Visit your local pumpkin patch and place both inside and outside your home. When Halloween night comes, have a carving contest. Don’t forget to snag some pumpkins seeds and bury them in your backyard so they grow for next year!

5. Letter board

I share this for every season, but letter boards are a great and easy way to switch them up on a budget. Get a cute saying with a few little accents and you have a wall all set for Halloween!

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How To Celebrate Halloween Safely In a Changing World

How To Celebrate Halloween Safely In a Changing World

I have partnered with Party City and all opinions expressed are my own.

For the past 7 months nothing has been normal. The more hopeful we get about returning to what we know, things get more uncertain. Halloween is a big deal in our home and I promised that no matter how different things are, we are going to celebrate.

The benefit is there are many ways to enjoy this spooky season safely and I am going to share ways to make this the safest and most memorable Halloween ever.

Wear Costumes With A Mask

There are a ton of costumes that come with masks, consider choosing this years costume that has one to help the spread of germs. If you decided to go trick or treating outside, this will come in handy if you can’t stay six feet apart.

Party City Costumes and Decor

Boo Your Neighbor

Gather some fun Halloween themed treats and leave them on 2-3 neighbor’s doors with a door sign and instruction poem included in the basket. Ring the doorbell and run away. The instructions will direct the neighbors to do the same thing to other neighbors. Get some great ideas here!

Social Distance Halloween Party

Party City Costumes and Decor

Gather a few friends and family to come over ( in there costume masks) and celebrate! Decorate your home and serve all the treats. Party City has all of your decorating needs in one stop. They have ‘scary’ affordable prices for decorations and festive ways to serve food.

Check out our Spooktacular decor table scape of treats! All these serving bowls, plates and cloths were around $15.

Party City Costumes and Decor

I also grabbed this skull mold to add some chocolate treats to our graze board as well!

The best part is Party City offers curbside pickup and free same day delivery for extra safety!

Virtual Halloween Party

If you don’t feel comfortable having people over, host a Virtual Halloween Party via Zoom or Facetime. You can find decorations and spooky backdrops from Party City that will definitely be a hit. Make some goodie bags and deliver to your friends and family and you can all enjoy them together! Check out these basket ideas here to deliver to your friends and family.

Safe Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating can be safe with these tips! Make markers that are a safe distance by using duct tape. Kids can stand on these markers and wait for their candy. To serve the treats, you can use an extended grabber to place the candy in their bags. If you are the one taking your little ones trick or treating, make sure to wipe them down before you open and eat them!

Halloween Decor

Last but not least, wash your hands and sanitize! Keep pocket hand sanitizers with you at all times and most of all have fun. We can easily keep the spirit of Halloween alive with these simple tips and ideas.

5 Ways To Decorate For Fall On a Budget

5 Ways To Decorate For Fall On a Budget

I am sharing five affordable ways to decorate for fall this season. The best part is these decorations can be used year after year so you do not need to keep buying something new every year.

Dried Greenery

This is one of the cheapest ways to decorate this season because it can be free! Take a walk or a hike and see what you find- turned leaves, old branches use your imagination! Then place them in a vase a jar for a beautiful dried bouquet.

I also have dried some cilantro (shown above) and eucalyptus until the desired color. Tie the bunch with some twine and hang in a cool place. The length of hanging them depends on how dry you want them.

Shop Clearance at The End of The Season

When Halloween ends, the timer starts for clearance fall decor! You won’t regret it even though you won’t get to use these goodies this year and need to wait a whole year to see them again. I’ve had this door hanger for two years and was the best $3.75 I have ever spent!

Change Your Letter-board Regularly

I usually share this tip during other seasons, but I love it! Letter boards have always been my favorite decor because they are affordable and is interchangeable. Just always remember to credit whoever’s quote you use.


You don’t have to be artistic or crafty to do this, but you can make most of your decorations for half the price of store bought decorations.

Check out this wooden pumpkin for $27 and the similar one I made for less than $5! If you missed my blog post on how to make it check it out here.

Faux Pumpkins Instead of Real Ones

Don’t get me wrong, pumpkin picking is a must during this season but I suggest investing in some faux pumpkins to add to the ‘patch’. Having some faux pumpkins adds dimension and depth to your decor. You can grab some tiny ones at Target or Dollar Tree, but once again wait until the end of the season to get some bigger ones at places such as Michaels and Jo Ann Fabric!

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DIY Pumpkin Decor Made From Dollar Tree Items

DIY Pumpkin Decor Made From Dollar Tree Items

It is officially my favorite time of year! It is also the time of year where I get most creative because there is inspiration everywhere I turn.

I love creating DIY fall decor especially with items from Dollar Tree. Now don’t get me wrong, Dollar Tree has stepped up their game a lot but I love upscaling items to fit my decor.

Today I am sharing how to make this dimensional wooden pumpkin using mini wooden pumpkin signs from Dollar Tree.

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All Materials Needed are From Dollar Tree

  • 4 mini off-white pumpkin signs
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Sand paper
  • Sponge with green scrubber
  • Hot glue gun
  • White and brown acrylic paint
Materials needed

Sand off the glitter on the pumpkins. Wet the green scrubber part of the sponge and gently scrub off the words. It’s ok if you scrub off some paint of the pumpkin, it will give it a distressed look.

Scrub off glitter and words

Turn the pumpkins over and peel off the price tag sticker that is on it. If you have a hard time getting it off, use a blow dryer to heat it up a bit, it will peel right off.

Pull the brown stems and bows off each pumpkin. They are fairly easy to pull off, just wiggle it back and worth until it pops off. Save one stem and one bow for later.

Turn the pumpkins upside down so the holes from the stems are facing down.

Lay one pumpkin down and glue two pumpkins on top of it side to side. Glue another pumpkin on top of the two pumpkins, right in the center.

Take the stem and tie burlap around it to make a large bow. Hot glue it all together and then glue it in the center of the dimensional pumpkin.

Stem and bow

I was happy with the base color of the pumpkins when I bought it so I decided to keep it off-white and to just add some accent color to it.

Mix brown and white paint together and to give it a beige cream color, if you want to make it chalk paint, add calcium carbonate powder.

Paint accent color

Using a sponge brush, pant random streaks along the dimensional pumpkin. Use different pressure and thickness of strokes.

DIY Wooden Pumpkin

Feel free to paint it a different color or use different ribbons, make it your own. Don’t walk to your local Dollar Tree, run and get crafting!

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Toddler Room to Preschool Room For Superheros

Toddler Room to Preschool Room For Superheros

When Franco turned four, it was like a switch turned on. He started asking mature questions, making mature decisions, even having mature tantrums.

Another thing that practically happened over night was his height. His feet starting hanging off his toddler bed and he kept telling us his bed was for ‘babies’ which resulted him sleeping in bed with us every night.

I figured this was the perfect time to get Franco a big boy bed and give his room a little makeover.

Franco loves superhero’s and his playroom is themed with Marvel and DC characters, I figured I wanted to keep the same idea but with a different twist to get him excited to sleep in his big boy bed.

Personalization is a must so I made sure to have his name on a print. I also added ABC and number prints. You can find these prints plus more here.

I could not pass up the print of this superhero tiger !

I never knew how cute sloths were until I found this bedding! It has all of Franco’s favorite things including skate boards, motor bikes and of course superheros!

This three tier cart has been great for different parts of the house, using it as an organizer for Franco’s toys and books was perfect for what we needed and he is able to easily put things away.
All of Franco’s action figures and plastic toys are in his playroom. Here I decided to add his wooden toys which I find timeless! These are mostly thrift finds but the personalized truck is from here.
The giant City skyscraper was perfect for his wall and I added a superhero with my Cricut flying down to give it the perfect touch.
A basket to put Franco’s pillows and blankets is another great way to keep his room organized.
Dottie is a huge fan of Franco’s new bed check out which mattress and bed frame we chose!
A map of the sky from when Franco was born was something I always wanted and always had up in his room. I added the superhero mask to make sure it stayed in theme.

We have a happy preschooler on our hands and a happy mama for getting a full night sleep!

I may earn a small commission from this post due to affiliate links.

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5 Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Porch For Spring

5 Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Porch For Spring

These 5 simple techniques will make your porch fresh and welcoming for the spring season. This includes porch decor, flowers, and more.

Perking up your front porch doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, just 5 simple touches will give exactly what it needs to freshen up for spring. Check out what I did for my front porch below!

Hand Painted Signs

Whether you use your Cricut, hand paint or use stencils, these signs give the perfect personalized touch.


Who said wreaths were only for a certain season? Last year I found this wreath at Michael’s on clearance for only $7 from their fall decor. I am using it for Spring and it fits perfectly! Thing outside the box, just because something is sold for one season doesn’t mean you can’t use it for another season!

Outdoor Mat

A welcome mat needs exceptional durability. Chilewich shag mats are easy to maintain and clean. They are great for outdoor use and are indestructible. This part of our house gets more traffic than other entryway during spring and summer so might as well keep that area protected.


When we first bought our house almost 8 years ago, we found this barrel at a garage sale for $2 bucks. Probably one of the best things I ever bought but it has definitely seen better days. No matter how many pieces of wood we try to replace on the top it always falls off. I want this barrel to be useful as a table so with a mat and charger on top I am able to cover the missing piece.

Check out below how I continued to decorate my barrel!


Fresh flowers can brighten any room and that includes your front porch. If you can’t buy any in person, consider buying online- real or fake or explore around you and pick some! The bouquet I made with flowers from my backyard look beautiful as a centerpiece for my barrel table.

Shoutout to Franco for my dandelion bouquet!

With these effortless techniques we will be able to enjoy more time outside as a family and relax! That’s all we can ask for right now.

I was provided with a free mat in return for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the company in any way.