Toddler Room to Preschool Room For Superheros

Toddler Room to Preschool Room For Superheros

When Franco turned four, it was like a switch turned on. He started asking mature questions, making mature decisions, even having mature tantrums.

Another thing that practically happened over night was his height. His feet starting hanging off his toddler bed and he kept telling us his bed was for ‘babies’ which resulted him sleeping in bed with us every night.

I figured this was the perfect time to get Franco a big boy bed and give his room a little makeover.

Franco loves superhero’s and his playroom is themed with Marvel and DC characters, I figured I wanted to keep the same idea but with a different twist to get him excited to sleep in his big boy bed.

Personalization is a must so I made sure to have his name on a print. I also added ABC and number prints. You can find these prints plus more here.

I could not pass up the print of this superhero tiger !

I never knew how cute sloths were until I found this bedding! It has all of Franco’s favorite things including skate boards, motor bikes and of course superheros!

This three tier cart has been great for different parts of the house, using it as an organizer for Franco’s toys and books was perfect for what we needed and he is able to easily put things away.
All of Franco’s action figures and plastic toys are in his playroom. Here I decided to add his wooden toys which I find timeless! These are mostly thrift finds but the personalized truck is from here.
The giant City skyscraper was perfect for his wall and I added a superhero with my Cricut flying down to give it the perfect touch.
A basket to put Franco’s pillows and blankets is another great way to keep his room organized.
Dottie is a huge fan of Franco’s new bed check out which mattress and bed frame we chose!
A map of the sky from when Franco was born was something I always wanted and always had up in his room. I added the superhero mask to make sure it stayed in theme.

We have a happy preschooler on our hands and a happy mama for getting a full night sleep!

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Check out my previous blog post on how we decorated Franco’s playroom!

5 Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Porch For Spring

5 Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Porch For Spring

These 5 simple techniques will make your porch fresh and welcoming for the spring season. This includes porch decor, flowers, and more.

Perking up your front porch doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, just 5 simple touches will give exactly what it needs to freshen up for spring. Check out what I did for my front porch below!

Hand Painted Signs

Whether you use your Cricut, hand paint or use stencils, these signs give the perfect personalized touch.


Who said wreaths were only for a certain season? Last year I found this wreath at Michael’s on clearance for only $7 from their fall decor. I am using it for Spring and it fits perfectly! Thing outside the box, just because something is sold for one season doesn’t mean you can’t use it for another season!

Outdoor Mat

A welcome mat needs exceptional durability. Chilewich shag mats are easy to maintain and clean. They are great for outdoor use and are indestructible. This part of our house gets more traffic than other entryway during spring and summer so might as well keep that area protected.


When we first bought our house almost 8 years ago, we found this barrel at a garage sale for $2 bucks. Probably one of the best things I ever bought but it has definitely seen better days. No matter how many pieces of wood we try to replace on the top it always falls off. I want this barrel to be useful as a table so with a mat and charger on top I am able to cover the missing piece.

Check out below how I continued to decorate my barrel!


Fresh flowers can brighten any room and that includes your front porch. If you can’t buy any in person, consider buying online- real or fake or explore around you and pick some! The bouquet I made with flowers from my backyard look beautiful as a centerpiece for my barrel table.

Shoutout to Franco for my dandelion bouquet!

With these effortless techniques we will be able to enjoy more time outside as a family and relax! That’s all we can ask for right now.

I was provided with a free mat in return for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the company in any way.

Simple Flower Arrangment That Will Instantly Brighten Any Room

Simple Flower Arrangment That Will Instantly Brighten Any Room

Nothing says spring is in the air more than bright citrus’s. I think of fresh lemonade and yummy lemon sorbets, but I want my home to look bright as well.

This simple flower atrangement is perfect to brighten any room in your home and not only is it easy to make, it’s super affordable!

All you need is:

  • 2 lemons
  • 2 limes
  • 32 oz. mason jar
  • Salt and pepper shaker set from Dollar Tree (you only need one per arrangement)
  • Flowers ( real or fake, the choice is yours!)

Place one salt and pepper shaker in the middle of the mason jar.

Slice up lemon and limes and fill around the jar. Slowly fill the jar up with water. Place flowers in the salt and shaker bottle.

Feel free to add any flower you like, I chose baby’s breath since it is my favorite and also adds to the brightness of the arrangement.

You can also switch up the citrus’s based on which flower you use, I plan to make a grapefruit one when summer arrives! I love how something so simple can bring so much happiness to your home. Enjoy!

How to Easily Transition From Christmas to Winter Decor By Keeping What You Already Have Out

How to Easily Transition From Christmas to Winter Decor By Keeping What You Already Have Out

I may be outnumbered on this, but I like to take all of my Christmas decor down the day after Christmas. I know, I know how “Grinch” of me, but as a working mom I have no idea when I will have the time to get to it. I also get the post holiday blues pretty bad so best way I handle it is by getting my house back in order as soon as possible.

This does not mean I put everything away, I try to make my transition to Christmas to winter decor fairly easy.

My number one tip? Put away all the ornaments and anything red. You can keep your bases, such as garland and mini trees as long as they are bare.

Stick to neutral colors as much as possible, and you can keep some of your lights as long as they are tiny and white.

Find these customized stamped books here.

Some things that I keep out are my mason jars. I like to fill them with whatever I have such as smudge sticks, dried citrus or something rustic.

You might have received some jars with cookies in them or you might have had them filled with red ornaments, but if you do not have any check out your local thrift stores or here.

I take my big Christmas trees down, but any mini ones I will keep especially if they are flocked. Winter means snow so a frosted white touch is a great addition to your home.

You can check out my DIY flocked tree from Dollar Tree here or you can find some great deals right now on pre-made ones. Check this one out!

Garland throughout your home is great for winter decor. If there are pine cones even better. Check out these great holiday garlands you can keep out all winter long.

House candle lanterns aren’t just great for the holidays. When you add a tealight to them you instantly get the cozy feeling right in your living room. Add them with your flocked trees or garland and you have a winter scene glowing in your home. Find some similar ones to mine here.

Received another pair of mittens for Christmas? Put them to use but not how you are thinking. Use them as decorations! I am in love with this mitten banner you can keep up all winter.

Check our this adorable idea here.

Candles are always a great way to keep your home warm during the cold weather. If you can, stay away from bright color candles and stick to white and neutral. Check out some great candles here.

Either you are a letter board person or you are not. If you are, you definitely had a cute quote on it this holiday season. Keep the puns alive by switching it to something related to the New Year, winter or snow.

Post holiday blues are real so don’t let them ruin the rest of the winter season. These little touches around your home will help keep your spirit alive long after Christmas is over!

I may earn a small commission from this post due to affiliate links. This helps support my work in bringing you real life tips for the everyday mom.

Playroom Makeover

Playroom Makeover

My little boy will be turning three, in April. THREE YEARS OLD. It is hitting me more than ever that my baby bird is not a baby anymore. Although I look forward to all of what the three year old world has to offer (including the challenges), I am going to miss the little coos, the chubby cheeks and the adorable little onesies he always wore. Time really does fly especially when your little one is baby because the first year is a complete blackout- you do not have time to look away because so much happens within that short time frame!
This week was pretty big for Franco, lot’s of big but fun changes. We started our with a ‘big boy’ haircut. Yep, I finally bit the bullet and said goodbye to his long, luscious and wavy hair. It was getting harder for me to maintain and our hairdresser happened to have an opening when we walked by so I said, “Now or never!”

If I knew he would look five years older with this haircut I am not sure if I would have done it, I cried and cried! My cute little boy and now handsome young man!

So since I didn’t think that was enough, I found a great price on a toddler bed while I was surfing though Facebook Marketplace. Since I am the impulsive person that I am, I could not pass up this deal and picked it up the next day. So within the 3 day span, Franco got a ‘big boy’ haircut and is now sleeping in a ‘big boy’ bed. In case you were wondering, I teared up as well when we took down his crib. It certainly is a huge milestone and then end of an era.

If I didn’t think this was a large enough transition for all of us this week then what we did next sure was. (No, no potty training yet, but tips sure are appreciated!) We decided to turn our back room AKA our guest room into Franco’s man cave. I was thinking about this for a few weeks now and we all agreed that this would be a great way to change things up in our tiny home. We spend a lot of time in our living room and I felt like Franco doesn’t have a space for all of his toys. Yes, he has his own bedroom but we are usually only upstairs when it is time for bed and I wanted him to have a space on the main floor. After designing it and it all came together, it is probably my favorite room in the house! Franco loves it too and since the room is connected to the kitchen with a window to look through, I can cook and watch him all at the same time.

Putting it all together was super cheap and budget friendly, check out what I did below!

Our theme was Superheros, easy and practical! Someone in my neighborhood was getting rid of this storage bench, so I went ahead and snatched it up! I found these red and blue bins at Dollar Tree and matched the superhero theme perfectly.

That little corner shelf was a garage sale find a few years back. A great way to display some action figures or sentimental things.

Another estate sale find with this coat hanger, and Target Dollar section came to the rescue with this felt letter board that was only five bucks!

These two wall frames were on clearance for $6 each at Marshall’s and are perfect to display Franco’s artwork! Such a a fast and easy way to interchange his artwork.

Dad and Grandpa are huge Marvel fans so it was nice to incorporate some of their sentiments. Original comics were framed through out the room!

The frames were another garbage picking find, the comics fit perfectly!

Franco’s artwork made another appearance in the room with these adorable superhero hand prints! Frames are from Dollar Tree and I used some fabric scraps as the background in each picture.

Another sentimental piece above this awesome poster from Walmart. It was less than five dollars and has all of Franco’s favorite characters! Above is Dad’s childhood search and find book X-Men edition.

This is the window that connects to the kitchen, I can peak in at any time, that is if I am not already in there hanging out! I jazzed up the window with some more fabric scraps that I had. All fabric was found at Walmart.

The bathroom door needed some life so I added blue lights around the border and topped it with one of many Batman masks that Franco has. Easy and simple addition.

I didn’t go too crazy in the bathroom, but I wanted to add a little touch. I found these free prints here and put them in Dollar Tree frames.

Hopefully adding this to the bathroom will encourage Franco to want to go potty!

What a fun and an eventful week with my baby bird, ahem, I mean big boy. Who am I kidding, he will always be my baby bird!

Someone’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

Someone’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

I am huge with owning secondhand things, our  home is mostly has secondhand goods and I think it gives our house a lot of character. When I found out I was pregnant with Franco, Dan and I bought a lot of second hand clothes and furniture which saved us a lot of money. I go to a lot of consignment and thrift shops for my clothes and honestly, no one would ever be able to tell that my style is not brand new! I have recently put together a clothes swap with my local mom’s group and it was such a hit. It was adult and children clothes so we all benefited from this.

This past weekend I attended another clothes swap and it was a success. With just a few garments, I am able to mix and match many different outfits.
Also check out these boots!! Do you just love these!?


Saturday morning my husband came home from estate sailing with his dad who is visiting and they found some great deals! We were in need of a new mirror and Dan found this guy for only $4. I swear he is the best with finding what we need an unbelievable price. He basically taught me everything I should know about thrift shopping.? That scale too, I am still deciding where to put it in the house!

Later on that day we were all taking a walk to dinner and saw that a house down the road was getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Check out what I scored below!
I couldn’t believe that this was all going to go in the garbage. Okay I am going to admit, this picture is kind of creepy but I had to have it, I think it goes well with the lamp  that was included with our find!

I love milk glass, but I have a friend who loves them more. So these will be going to my friend who will continue giving these guys a good home!

These salad and fruit bowls were so hard to pass up. I had to have them all, they will get put to good use I swear!

After that huge haul I thought our hunt was complete. That Sunday on our way blueberry and lavender picking, we came across an antique shop. Once again Dan found a great addition to our house…
With a toddler running around in our home, it has been a little difficult to decorate the way we want to, so when we find something like this, we get very excited.
All of this for under $10, I think we did pretty well this weekend. Who knows what this coming weekend will bring! Do you enjoy thrift shopping at all? What were some of your lucky finds?