The Ultimate Holiday Wishlist for Any Adult

The Ultimate Holiday Wishlist for Any Adult

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This season is about being cozy and preparing to be cozy for the new year. I am sharing the ultimate holiday wishlist for adults that’s all for easy relaxing street free gifts.

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Light therapy lamp

Don’t let the winter blues get to you with this Light therapy lamp.

Steam cleaner

Easy clean ups for big messes. No need to worry anymore what your pets or kid leaves behind with this multiple purpose carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Wireless router

This mini portable WiFi router is perfect for traveling or to use any where that does not have WiFi.

Big blanket co

The Big Blanket Co has the largest blanket I have ever used and the whole family got to enjoy it! With the size of 10’x10’ no one was fighting over it, including the pups! Use code NICOLE25 for $25 off your purchase.

Air fryer

You have to make some snacks while to bundle up on the couch, so why don’t you just stay there and do it from your phone! We are entering 2022 and it is about time we have an air fryer that is WiFi enabled!

Massage gun

Sore muscles call for a deep tissue massage. This massage gun is perfect for any aches and pains.

Wireless headphones

Time for some peace and quiet and fall asleep to whatever you want- including true crime podcasts with these Bluetooth headphone sleep mask.

This cup cozy pillow will keep all your Sri king needs right by you while binging your favorite true crime doc right from the couch!

Coffee maker

Forgot to set the coffee timer before bed? No problem because with this Smart coffee maker, it is Alexa enabled so you can have her brew your coffee while you’re still in bed.

5 Gift Rule Holiday Guide with Free Printable

5 Gift Rule Holiday Guide with Free Printable

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support!

Do the upcoming holidays have you feeling a little anxious? I get it if you are. All I have been hearing is how there is going to be a product shortage and honestly, I don’t want to stress about that.

To make things simpler while still giving my son a magical and memorable holiday, I am doing the 5 gift rule this year.

Over the years I’ve noticed that Franco played with only a quarter of the gifts he received. Although I shopped second hand, it still didn’t feel right to get so many things.

The 5 gift rule is a great way to spend less money, have less stress, and celebrate more with family and friends.

We still went through all of the holiday toy circulars and Franco got to pick some things he wanted.

The idea of the 5 gift rule is:

  • something they want
  • something they need
  • something to wear
  • something to read
  • something that is a surprise

There are different variations and adaptations of the rules but I like this one because it is practical and I still get to see the pure magical excitement on Franco’s face when he opens his surprise gift.

I am sharing some ideas below of what the 5 gift rule looks like for the holidays. I am also sharing free wish list and gift tags printable below.






Download your free printable a here.

The ideas I am sharing are literally just that- ideas. Do what you can afford and remember, the holidays are more than just gifts. Family and health is most important and I have realized this more after the past two years.

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Child’s Lunch Fun

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Child’s Lunch Fun

This post contains affiliate links.

Making school lunches are new to me since Franco is starting Kindergarten this year. I love seeing all of the creative ideas parents out together to make kids smile at lunchtime.

As a full time working mom I know I am not going to have the time to make elaborate lunches. I will even most likely have him buy lunch at school, but the days I will make him lunch I will be sure to make them fun and delicious.

Favorite Lunch Box

I love this bento box! The quality is great, it’s easy to clean and perfect amount of compartments. I labeled it using my Cricut.

Favorite Drink Bottle

I got this for Franco over the summer and he loved decorating his own water bottle. There are many stickers to choose from to make it personalized.

Favorite Snack

Not only are these granola bars delicious, but they are free from common allergens and safe for schools.

Favorite Lunch Ideas

Stumped on ideas on what to make? Check these books out! There is a combination of 232 ideas.

Favorite Way to Make a Sandwhich

This thing is a lifesaver! Forget about buying Uncrustables in the freezer section at the market. These are so easy to make and store yourself.

When They Buy Lunch

Kids lunch wallet
Trifold kids wallet

Let’s face it, there will be times your kid will need to buy lunch- AND THAT IS OKAY! Make sure the money they bring to school is safe with their own wallet with a zipper coin purse.

A Little Something Extra

Lunchbox notes
Lunchbox notes
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Lunchbox notes were always my favorite. Little notes on fruit or little drawings were always my favorite, but I made these printable notes that have adorable puns. Click here for their printable.

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Fall Styles 2021

Fall Styles 2021

This post contains affiliate links.

My favorite season is finally here and I am so excited to see this years style. It is crazy to think that straight leg jeans are out and wide leg is back in. It was hard to get out of my comfort zone but happy to have some of my favorites like chunky cardigans and crossbody bags.

Neutral colors are still my choice and found some great pieces in all different shades of tan and brown. The best part is that everything is so affordable!

  1. Free Assembly Cropped Wide Leg Jeans
  2. Time and Tru Lug Wedge Commuter boot
  3. Shein Butterfly Sleeve Shirred Maxi Dress
  4. Time and Tru Drop Shoulder Bodysuit
  5. Time and Tru Boater Hat with Braid
  6. H&M Rib-knit Cardigan
  7. Free Assembly Women’s Teddy Fleece Cocoon Jacket
  8. Gold Rope Necklace
  9. Time and Tru Olivia Crossbody Bag
  10. V Neck Long Sleeve Henley Shirt

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Cool Boys Bedroom Makeover

Cool Boys Bedroom Makeover

I was gifted Coloray Wallpaper in exchange for an honest review. There are also some affiliate links that I may earn a small commission from.

Franco’s room is one of my favorite rooms to makeover. He is always down for the adventure and he makes the biggest deal when it is finished. He is my number one fan. That is why I couldn’t pass up doing a cool boys bedroom makeover just in time for kindergarten.

Pin this image- Cool Boys Bedroom Makeover


The theme was embracing where we live in New York. I was born and raised on Long Island and Franco will be a born and raised ‘upstater’. I wanted to combine the two by adding some locally made decor with some vintage pieces of my home from when I was a kid.

cool boys bedroom makeover

Color Scheme

Black, white and gray was part of the vision board. There are a few colors that pop out from the vintage pieces I chose but it all came together at the end.

The color theme is black and white with vintage touches

The Artwork

I went to one of my favorite local shops in downtown Albany, Fort Orange General Store and picked up some great wall decor made by local artists and shops. One of the posters is from MW Neighborhoods and the postcards that I framed are from Little Yellow Desk. One of the pennants is from Compaslife made by Oxford pennants. The rest of the pennants are from Etsy. Another great site to use to support local artists is Society6. That is where I found this New York City wall tapestry.

locally made posters and vintage decor
digital copies to make posters for this cool boys bedroom
Digital print from Delirious Digital
vintage pennants are needed for this cool boys bedroom

The Wallpaper

In order to make this a cool boys bedrooms makeover, I had to find the best wallpaper. Thanks to Coloray, I was able to easily find the wallpaper I was looking for on their website. Geometric Shapes Removable Wallpaper in the size of 8’ x 11’ was the design I chose and is very happy with it! The peel and stick option was best for me because I am not the best with all peel and stick wallpapers. The fact that I can just peel and apply without having to spray with water to activate the adhesive was so much easier. The best part is it is removable so when I am ready for the next cool boys bedroom makeover, it will be easy to remove.

peel and stick wallpaper that was so easy to apply.
Down comforter is from Kohl’s

Vintage Touches

This year my parents sold my childhood home after 40 years and moved down south. As much as I was excited for them, I was so sad to say goodbye. Luckily I grabbed things from the house such as this street sign, Super Nintendo and wicker stool that brought back memories being in my house. Little touches of my home are in here and I just love having the feeling surround us.

Vintage pieces from childhood home
Vintage pieces from my childhood home

Other Additions

supported small and local shops for this cool boys bedroom

Imani Collective has the best banners so I finally the opportunity to hang some. This pillow is from a local shop Bluebird Home Decor. This kids mat from H&M is perfect for imaginative play. Then my favorite purchase has to be this stuffed animal beanbag storage. This is the best way to keep all of his animals but without the mess.

Little storage for books, drink and remotes
This little wall caddy was found in Target’s Bullseye section and is perfect for bedtime books, remotes and drinks before bed.
Bean bag storage for stuffed animals in this cool boys bedroom
dogs are allowed in this cool boys bedroom
Even Dutchess approves.
Cool Boys Room Ideas

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My Favorite Rompers for This Summer

My Favorite Rompers for This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and after practically living in jumpsuits this past season I am ready for some rompers.

I love rompers because instead of looking for two things to pair and wear, it is only one!

I am sharing my favorite rompers for this summer and as a 5’1 plus sized girl, I approve them!

Plus Solid Knot Detail Tank Romper

Plus Solid Button Front Cami Romper

Plus Two Toned Ribbed Panel Tie Front Cami Romper

Plus Tie Waste Tank Romper

Plus Tribal Embroidery Cami Romper

Lightweight Soft Shortalls

Sleeveless Surplice-Back Romper

Army Green Front Tie Romper

Summer Tank Romper

Casual V Neck Sleeveless Romper

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