10 True Crime Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

10 True Crime Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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It is not a secret that I am a true crime junkie and can binge a good story in one day. It is a guilty pleasure of mine part of my self care routine. (hey, I never said I was normal!)

I know there are a lot of true crime lovers out there like me and I know the feeling once you finish your favorite podcast. It is the same feeling you have when you finish your favorite book or binged a really good Netflix series.

You need more.

I am sharing with you my favorite true crime podcasts so you can keep your binge going all summer long.

Crime Junkie

This is the true crime podcasts of all true crime podcasts in my opinion. There are many episodes with a lot of the stories you have never heard before. It’s a mix of all, serial killers, unsolved mysteries and famous murders.


Need a little bit of a laugh while listening to deeply disturbing stories? This podcast is for you. They provide the perfect palette cleanser while this binge this podcast.

Going West

This podcast shares some good stories! I have heard some of the craziest crimes here and love the hosts Heath and Daphne. They provide detailed information and are well researched.

Unsolved Murders

This podcast provides more historic crimes and if you are okay with no conclusion, this podcast is for you.

Moms and Murder

Another one of my favorite podcasts. The stories are a roller coaster and they leave out the real gory details. This podcast is like hanging out with your girlfriends who talk mom stuff and true crime- my favorite!

Big Mad True Crime

Quick true crime stories and this host gets right to the point, so side talk just right to the

Broken Harts

Follow the story of the Hart family, two white moms with six adopted black kids. This story ends in tragedy with a car filled with the family driven off of a cliff.

Re-solved Mysteries

An awesome podcast where each episode they recap an original Unsolved Mysteries episode and provide updates, some cases have even been solved!

Upstate Unsolved

Each season this podcast covers unsolved murders and disappearances that have taken place in Albany, NY (gotta represent my home!)


Dive deep into the strange and surreal to explain some of the world’s most bizarre true crime experiences! Hosted by Ashley Flowers from Crime Junkie.

Check out these fun products I’ve found that I believe every true crime lover needs!

True Crime And Chill Candles
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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

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I saw a meme that said something along the lines of how ironic that everything is going to be open by the time Father’s Day comes.

I mean, it’s true.

Parks and beaches are open here in NY as well as outdoor seating at restaurants. By the next week or so almost all stores will be open and we are one step closer to ‘normalcy’.

I got you covered though if stores still aren’t open by you. I did a round up of Father’s Day gifts that are sure to be appreciated!

1. The Bee and The Fox Tees

This shirt is perfect for any family man in your life!

2. Bespoke Post Subscription Box

This subscription box is my husband’s favorite! It has curated boxes for lovers of cooking, drinking, electronics, hunting and so much more!

3. BeardBrand Styling Balm

This line of products are your go to for beard and hair styling. Best part is now you can purchase them at Target!

4. Vintage Style Bluetooth Record Player

Favorite tunes can now be listened to on this portable Bluetooth record player.

5. Kangaroo Security Doorbell

This is the first security camera doorbell for $20 bucks! It’s motion detection, HQ Image Capture, and ring alert have benefits that go beyond the front door. Use on a gate entrance, in the garage, or inside the house. At $19.99, the possibilities are endless. This product is on presale and will ship in July.

6. Covid Claw

Stay safe and healthy with this multi use tool!

7. Beer Glass Succulent Planter

Choose your loved ones favorite beer and keep it around all year long!

8. Loopy Case

This is the best phone case! Never drop your phone again. Made for Androids and iPhones.

9. Mercato Cheese & Charcuterie Lovers Plate

This delivery service is perfect for the cheese monger and meat lover.

10. Goldbelly Meal Kits

This is the coolest meal kit ever! Choose your favorite restaurant from around the country and cook their recipes! This meal kit empowers small shops and restaurants.
How To Throw An Epic Movie Night In Your Backyard

How To Throw An Epic Movie Night In Your Backyard

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Once you have a movie night in your backyard, you are not going to watch movies any other way! This is a fun and safe way to spend time with friends and family all summer long.

Summer is officially here at The Robins Nest and that means we are outside more than we are inside.

Movie theaters may not be an option to see a new movie right now, but you can still watch it on the big screen by throwing an epic movie night in your backyard.

There are a few essentials that you need, such as a movie screen. If you have a white wall like the side of your garage that is all you need. If not you can purchase a white shower liner from Dollar Tree or you can purchase an outdoor projection screen here.

You need a projector to show your movie and this mini projector is the perfect size.

If you want great sound for your movie, you will need these rock speakers. They are meant for the outdoors and they hook up via Bluetooth which means easy setup.

Lounge chairs and hammocks are ideal, but your little ones are going to want be front and center. Make sure you have an outdoor blanket for them to lay on during the show.

It’s not movie night without snacks! Candy and sweets are a must but how you make your popcorn is up to you. If you are the microwave type this bundle is perfect. If you are more of an outdoor over the fire type be sure to grab some Jiffy Pop or this outdoor popcorn popper set.

These variety pack of snacks are a great deal! Just put them in a caddy from Dollar Tree and pass it around!

When the sun goes down the bugs come out. Smell fresh and repel those mosquitoes with the effective insect repellent spray.

Fun pajamas are a must for your movie night. Your little ones may want to dressed like the theme of the movie or they may want something with an outdoors theme. Check out these cute pj’s that are camping themed and snack themed just to get an idea.

This summer is going to look different so we need to continue being creative at home. Whether you are looking for a family night, time with friends, or a date for two this outdoor movie night will sure be a hit!

Mother’s Day Gifts That You Really Want

Mother’s Day Gifts That You Really Want

This year Mother’s Day May be a little different. You have probably felt more like a failure of a mom more than ever before.

Every year I say this, but this year I really mean it- we should be celebrating moms every day, not just one.

Gifts won’t make up for what is going on in the world right now, but it can’t make it worse so why not get what you want this year. Treat yourself too while your at it because I am sharing affordable gifts you can just pick one!

Call yourself Mama Bird or Mama Bear? If so these necklaces from Made By Mary are perfect!
We need little reminders everywhere that we are worthy. These bracelets from Worthy Wands provide just what you need to feel safe right now.
Need some happy mail? Splash Wines will deliver you a variety of delicious wine right at your doorstep!
Miss the gym? LIT Method lets you customize your own video playlist from the library of Low Impact Training workouts and burn calories at home.
Whether you are an essential worker, working from home or teaching your kids, you need energy! This high buzzed coffe from Coffee Cardio will do the trick and keep you at your best performance.
Spending so much time inside do yo have the itch to redecorate? Learn tips and tricks on decorating basics with a Home Makeover Class from International Open Academy.
Have the itch do a simple DIY? Grab a tie dye kit from House Sparrow Nesting and create beautiful indigo colored fabrics.
Self care is crucial during these times of uncertainty. Guided journaling will not only help with self care, but also shift your mindset into positive thinking.
Stay comfy around the house with these fuzzy slipper from LC Lauren Conrad.
Tired of cooking the same thing? Switch things up a bit and show your creative side with this inspirational cookbook.
On your feet all day? Get the perfect pick me up with the best socks from Printsfield! A photo of your fur baby or your little ones are the perfect reminder why you get up every morning and slay the day. Not to mention these socks are so soft and the images are very clear. Use code ourrobinsnest20 for 20% off your order!

No matter what your Mother’s Day is like, I hope you enjoy it to the best of your ability and know that you are doing an amazing job, mama!

I may earn a small commission from this post due to affiliate links.

The Best Graphic Tees That You Need Right Now

The Best Graphic Tees That You Need Right Now

Whether you are working from home, teaching from home, working out from home or sleeping from home, these tees will make you smile and in style!

Check out the best graphic tees below!

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10 Must Have Photography  Accessories For Every Mom

10 Must Have Photography Accessories For Every Mom

Choosing the right camera and accessories for your beginner photography journey can be very overwhelming. I was one of those moms who took pictures with just an iPhone, but wanted to take it to another level.

After lots of research and joining supportive Facebook groups for beginner photographers, I finally found my dream camera. It doesn’t stop there though, you will need accessories to help you make your photography journey a success. Whether this is for your hobby or you are starting a business these affordable yet very effective photography accessories will help you become successful.

I own a Canon Rebel T7 2000D. Some of the accessories that I am going to share are specifically for my model camera but please know that you can still get it for your model as well whether it is a Canon or Nikon.

  • Camera Bag
This waterproof bag by S-ZONE is the perfect size and fits everything you need including an extra lens. I love that it does not shout ‘camera bag’ and overall looks like a fashionable cross-body instead.
  • Tripod
If you want to join in the photos with your little ones and no one is around to take you picture, this is a great option. This tripod folds up easily and is lightweight for you to travel with if needed.
  • Mini Photo Studio Box
This little accessory is so affordable there is no reason for you not to have it! The lighting is fantastic and has an opening on top you get an accurate bird eye view photo if you choose.
  • Scarf Camera Strap
At just $7 bucks this fashionable scarf strap is stylish and comfortable. Its lightweight and soft fabric will let you wear your camera around your neck all day long.
  • Wireless Remote
A wireless remote gives you the freedom to get the action shot you would not be able to obtain while holding a camera. It’s hard for your little ones to stay still so this is very helpful plus another reason to get you in the picture as well!
  • Ring Light
Lighting is very important when it comes to photography. This traveling light ring is perfect for indoors that do not have the best natural light.
  • Backdrop
This basic backdrop is great for any occasion and is a great alternative if you do not have a light background to take pictures. Add accessories such as plants, garland balloons etc for occasion!
  • 50 mm f/1.8 STM Lens
If you are going to get an extra lens, this is the one. This lens is great for portraits with clear close ups and the background blurred with the auto focus feature.
  • Mamarazzi Tee
If you’re going to shoot, you might as well do it in style. you have everything you need now to be fully prepared for pictures with your little ones so why not do it in style?
  • ‘Mom’s Gonna Snap’ Coffee Mug
You know you can’t take great photos of your kiddos without a giant mug of coffee! Drink up mama and enjoy!

You never stop learning about photography, there is always something new to learn but having the basics helps you in the right direction. The more you learn the more confidence you have with your camera and the more confidence you have better photographs are taken.

I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website.